Why I’m Running

Over the last six months and the long fight against the WCD, I have seen how bad government can hurt citizens who own property and small business. Business owners operate under the assumption that the rules of the government are fixed and will not be changed to adversely affect them. When land can be downzoned at the whim of the county commissioners, there is too much uncertainty to invest in Charles County.

I have also watched as the Democrats in Annapolis march to one drum and constantly vote in unison to override Governor Hogan’s veto’s.

To my one of the saddest facts is that everywhere I go in Maryland I meet people who tell me as soon as they can retire they  are out of Maryland. If I had a dime for everyone who told me that, I would be able to buy a mansion in Florida and retire myself!!!  Kidding aside, as a lifelong Marylander, it saddens me that so many cannot wait to flee the State, our home.

The final fact is that 2018 is a pivotal election year for Maryland. Our Governor is up for re-election and  we have redistricting coming up in the next four years. In the Senate, we need five more Republicans to withstand the veto override. In  the House of delegates, we need seven more Republican Delegates to withstand the veto override. Our goal as conservatives must be to re-elect Governor Hogan and give him the support in Annapolis he needs to bring real change to Maryland.

I can no longer sit on the side line. On June the 8th at 3:30 I will announce that I am running for State Delegate. I am going to announce at the Maryland Airport.  For me, it’s significant to announce at this airport. This is where bad government meets business and business suffers greatly    This airport, once hailed as the “ECONOMIC ENGINE” of Charles County is now in foreclosure. As many of you know, Gil Bauserman the owner for many years was very active in the WCD fight.  To say the down zoning of all the land around the airport affected Gil would be an understatement. Sadly, Gil passed away several week ago. For us who knew him, we know the burden the WCD downzoning had on Gil. Government should never oppress Business and government should never change the rules in mid-stream leading business to be wrecked on the shoreline.

I will announce at 3:30 on Thursday the 8th from the Maryland airport. Part of my platform will be to work with Governor Hogan and other Delegates to bring jobs to Maryland and to make Maryland  “Open for Business”. Locally, jobs in Charles County will help to alleviate the mass exodus of cars every morning. We need good high paying jobs in the county.

I have a full campaign staff, a professional media company and we will take our platform to the citizens of Charles County. It will be an inclusive campaign, with a positive message. It’s time to get off the side lines and fight for Maryland and fight for Charles County. I have been here all my life, my children and family are here and I don’t want to leave. I am willing to be part of the solution, not part of the exodus!!!!

I will have a fundraiser / announcement party at my house on June the 11th at 3:30 pm    There will be food, drinks and music.  Please feel free to come and tell your friends to come as well.   The address is  7795 Lyndele Drive  Port Tobacco.

Please try to come to one or both of the campaign events as both will be live fed on social media.

Thank you and I ask each of you for your support in this endeavor !!!!!

Bill Dotson