Meet Bill Dotson

Get to know the man behind the movement, his life, what he stands for, and what his plans are for our county!

Bill’s motto for the campaign is TRUTH, TRUST, AND TRANSPARENCY. That’s what Marylanders expect from their elected leaders. If you trust Bill with your vote, he promises to provide leadership that will make you proud.

Bill has been a resident of Maryland all his life and a Charles County Resident for over 30 years. He is happily married to his wife Julie. Together, they have 8 children. All of their children reside in Charles County. They live in Port Tobacco where they enjoy the water and rural landscape.

Bill opened his first business in Charles County in 1983. Over the last 34 years, he has owned multiple businesses in Charles County. One of those business was Olympus Gyms which had locations in Charles, St .Mary’s ,and Calvert County. In 1985 Bill went to work for the family business. At that time, Modern Door employed 7 people and was operated in a small 300 square foot building in the back of the family’s home.

In 1998, Bill purchased the business from his parents. Today Modern Door is the largest space division distributor in North America employing over 100 employees and operating in several states. Bill considers his employee’s family as the average employee who works at Modern Door has been there over 17 years. Several have been there over 25 years and a few over 30!!

Modern Door has worked on some of the largest and high profile projects on the East Coast including World Trade Center in Manhattan and almost every major hotel in the DC area including the new MGM hotel.

Bill has a passion to make Charles County and Maryland the best place to live. He and his wife Julie contribute to many great organizations locally and abroad to accomplish this. Some of the local organizations would include Lifestyles, Living Water and Christmas in April. Modern Door has supported over a hundred local sporting teams over the last 33 years.

Bill and Julie also feel the need globally to help. They have a passion for wells in Africa to provide clean water where it is so desperately needed.

Bill and Julie attend New Life Church in LaPlata, Md. They love their church and their church community and contribute thru the ministry of New Life to many worthy organizations.

Frustrated with Maryland politics and the damage local and state governments are doing to hurt businesses in Maryland, Bill decided to take an active role. He campaigned in 2014 for Gov. Hogan and in 2016 for Kathy Szeliga. Realizing that the sometimes you must vote character over party, Bill has also supported Democrats like Comptroller Peter Franchot.

In 2016 bill joined the Republican Central Committee. Later that year, seeing his leadership skills, the committee elected him as Chairman. He is also on the MD GOP executive committee.

In late 2016, Bill was asked by several people from the local community to get involved with a county downzoning amendment called the WCD. This amendment basically disenfranchised and devalued land for over 7500 land owners in the western part of the county. Bill had no personal properties in the affected area but was disturbed by what was being done to his fellow citizens. Bill went into action and began having community meetings and outreach. Partnering with Jason Henry, they formed Charles County Citizens Rights which is a bipartisan organization with the purpose of helping citizens whose rights are being abused by the government. The fight against the WCD included dozens of meetings and organized citizen protest. Working with and bringing together organizations from every political spectrum, Bill and Jason formed a bipartisan opposition that included Democrats, Republicans, NAACP, Chamber of Commerce and many others.

Bill has learned that reaching out to all people of all political persuasions that people in Charles County and Maryland all want the best for our State and our local communities. Being a Successful business leader, Bill feels he is uniquely qualified to bring real life business acumen to the State House in Annapolis where laws are passed that effectively tell business owners that Maryland is CLOSED FOR BUSINESS.

Bill knows that Gov Hogan is an advocate for attracting new businesses to Maryland Bill wants to work with the Governor to get the Governor’s agenda thru the Democratically controlled legislature.

Bill is a constitutional conservative with a social conscience. He believes in limited efficient government. He believes that there must that the government must provide a safety net for those who need.

Bill’s motto for the campaign is TRUTH, TRUST, AND TRANSPARENCY that’s what Marylander’s expect from their elected leaders. If you trust Bill with your vote, he promises to provide leadership that will make you proud.